Al-Houthi Comments on Biden’s Visit to Arab Region

Leader of the Anssarallah movement, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, commented on US President Joe Biden’s recent visit to the Arab region.

Sayyed Abdul-Malik said in a televised speech made on Sunday: “Biden has arrived these days to be dealt with by everyone as he is the one who leads humanity, and he has openly declared his affiliation with Zionism.”

He stressed that America was being subject to the Zionist trend and presented today as leading the rest in their orientations and positions.

Al-Houthi indicated that the puppet regimes tended to mislead the nation in the issue of determining who is the enemy and the friend, and they made the main enemy of the nation the one who is hostile to the Israeli entity.

“The hypocrites are keen to bring a person who is a symbol of normalization and made him lead the sermon for the pilgrims in Arafat,” he added.

He stated that Saudi-UAE regimes also tended to change their curricula talking about the enemies of Islam and its issues of Islam, as well as to create the environment for spreading corruption and vice.

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