Al-Harizi Vows to Thwart UAE’s Attempts to Take Control of Qishn Port

Sheikh Ali Salem al-Harizi, chairman of the peaceful sit-in committee in Mahra province, vowed to thwart the lease measures of the port of Qishn to the UAE, YPA reported on Monday.

“All attempts to lease the port of Qishn to the UAE for 50 years are false and illegal. The free people of Mahra will confront it and fail it as they have failed the movements of the UAE and Saudi Arabia in the past,” al-Harizi said at a meeting of the committee on Sunday.

He mocked the promises made by the vice president of the Saudi-formed presidential council, Faraj al-Bahsani, to companies to explore in Mahra, calling on al-Bahsani to provide services in Hadhramaut before talking about the province.

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