Sana’a Sends Several Messages to US President

Member of the Supreme Political Council in Sana’a, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, warned the participants in the Jeddah summit, which began today, Saturday, in the presence of US President Biden, against the consequences of the Saudi-led coalition’s continuation of the war on Yemen.
Al-Houthi said in a series of tweets on Twitter platform, “Without ending the aggression and the US-British-Saudi-Emirati blockade and its allies on Yemen, they have decided whatever they want, so our decision is in our hands, and you know that.”
He said in another tweet: “We will not accept the continued criminality of the American, British, Saudi, Emirati aggression and its allies,” as he put it.
Al-Houthi continued: “The enemies who are holding a summit in Saudi Arabia must stop the aggression, siege and terrorism that are being practiced against the Yemeni people by them.”
He added: “Any other option, they will not reap from it but the scourge and the permanent curse of history.”
Deputy Foreign Minister in Sana’a Government, Hussein Al-Ezzi, sent on Saturday several messages to the US President Joe Biden.
Al-Ezzi said on Twitter, addressing the US President Joe Biden, ”Our country will not be stayed under siege and occupation and our oil and gas resources will not be left in the hands of thieves and corrupt people, as well as your crimes in Yemen are imprescriptible.”
Earlier, Al-Ezzi tweeted “the blockade and the restriction of living conditions against Yemen is a war crime and must stop.”
He noted that “lifting the siege on the Yemeni people is for Sanaa a strict priority and a legal and human right that cannot be bargained.”
Al-Ezzi added, “Any talk about peace or extension that does not take into account this priority in a practical and clear way is full of fraud, belittling and lacking in credibility.”

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