FAO Pursues to Increase $50 million to Confrontation Famine in Yemen

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has said that it is seeking this year to collect $50 million to implement its activities to confront food insecurity in Yemen.

In Yemen, millions face starvation due to severe funding gaps, global inflation and the spillover effect of the war in Ukraine.

The FAO office in Yemen said in a statement that the organization seeks to reach 1.5 million affected people in Yemen during 2022, in addition to helping them rebuild and restore agricultural productivity and create livelihood opportunities in the face of ever-increasing food and nutrition insecurity.

Disruptions to global wheat supplies due to the war in Ukraine, as well as India’s ban on its wheat exports, risk deepening the hunger crisis in Yemen and driving up food prices, which have already doubled in just two years in some parts of the war-torn country.

Yemen is one of the largest importers of wheat from Ukraine and Russia in the region, as it imports a third of its wheat needs from both countries.

The war waged by the Saudi-led coalition on Yemen for the eighth year in a row has destroyed the country’s economy, displaced millions and caused the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, according to the UN reports.

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