New UN Proposal on Taiz

The government of Aden revealed on a new UN proposal to open the ports of Taiz. This comes before the start of a new round of negotiations in Jordan, with the announcement of its delegation departure to Aden.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

According to government sources, the proposal is to open an unspecified main road, and scheduling the rest of the sub-roads chronologically, with the imposition of guarantees on all parties to grant the exploitation of the opening for military purposes.

The sources indicated that the proposal does not deviate from the details of Sana’a initiative, in reference to the possibility of opening the western port, confirming the approval of Saudi Arabia and other regional countries, and give light for the envoy to walk in it, paving the way for comprehensive solution consultations.

The sources expected the proposal to pass during the upcoming round of negotiations in Jordan.

The international envoy had carried out a new tour in the region, which included Saudi Arabia and the Sultanate of Oman ahead of the delegations of Sana’a arrival and the coalition to participate in an upcoming round of negotiations this week.

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