Death Toll of Aden Car Bomb Attack Rises to Eight

The death toll from the car bomb attack that targeted the head of Lahj province Security Saleh al-Sayyed, the, who is loyal to the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC), has risen to eight, medical sources reported on Wednesday.

According to the medical sources, ten others were injured, including civilians in the bombing, which took place on a busy road near an educational institute in Khor Maksar district.

The families of a number of victims of the bombing revealed that their relatives were shot dead by live bullets, not by the explosion.

Activist Abu Elias al-Kazmi accused Saleh al-Sayyed of killing civilians following the blast.

“Our sons, who were killed in the bombing, were shot dead by live bullets, not by fragments of the explosion ,” al-Kazmi said.

The soldiers, who were so frightened during the bombing, fired hysterically and indiscriminately at passers-by after the explosion and that among the dead were passengers on a transport bus near the explosion, as well as a restaurant worker and others who were in their cars.

Al-Kazmi said his cousin Mohammed Awad al-Saidi was killed during the blast in Aden.

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