UAE Displace Residents of Abd al-Kuri Island in order to Build Joint Military Facilities with Israel

Emirati forces expelled on Tuesday morning, dozens of families from their homes on the island of Abd al-Kuri of Socotra archipelago, in the far south of Yemen, at gunpoint.

Local sources said that this displacement is not the first, it came after the start of “construction works to build military runways and warehouses for the joint Emirati and Israeli forces stationed in the archipelago.” with the aim of strengthening the control of maritime navigation routes in the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea.

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor accused earlier, UAE and its factions expelling dozens of families from their homes in Socotra archipelago, early this year, activists believe that the forced displacement of the local population on the Yemeni islands under the control of the coalition will continue and will not stop until its exit from Yemen.

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