Preparations for Resumption Negotiations for Opening Roads

Head of the Military Committee of Sana’a, Major General Yahya Al-Razami, affirmed on Tuesday that the committee would complete the discussions related to the follow-up of violations and the opening of roads.

This came during his meeting with several leaders of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Military Intelligence Authority and the Security and Intelligence Service to inform them of the latest discussions that held in Amman, and they would be scheduled to resume next week.

Major General Al-Razami stressed that the other side tried to make the issue of roads a subject for political and propaganda exploitation and rejects practical initiatives that would contribute to alleviating the suffering of citizens in Taiz and the rest of the provinces.

For his part, deputy Foreign Minister in Sana’a government, Hussein Al-Ezzi, praised the initiatives announced by the committee regarding the opening of roads in the first phase within the truce track.

Meanwhile, the head of the Military Intelligence Authority, Major General Abdullah Al-Hakim, affirmed that the efforts made by the committee would contribute to alleviating the suffering of the citizens, blaming the Saudi-led coalition for the aggravation of the humanitarian situation and the failure to deal positively with what the committee presented.

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