Number of Government Institutions Stormed in Hadhramaut

Protesters in Hadhramaut, eastern Yemen, on Sunday, stormed a number of government facilities in a new escalation targeting the president, who is preparing to export the province’s first oil shipments.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

Local sources reported that they were angry over the power cuts and the deterioration of services. They stormed the oil company in Mukalla, the administrative center of Hadhramaut, as well as the city’s port. Others also cut off roads in Mukalla, including the sea gate, amid an unprecedented wave of anger.

The demonstrations are organized by a faction known as “Young of Rage.” It is a faction affiliated with the transitional.

The demonstrations came hours after the so-called “AlHabah alHadhrami Command” was directed by Hassan Al-Jabri, who is known for his relationship with the Transitional Council. A memorandum to the Presidential Council warns it of their impatience with making promises to secure the needs of the people in the governorate, which suffers from power cuts.

It also held him responsible for exporting a new shipment of oil through Al-Dabbah port at a time when the suffering of people still exists.

Officials in Hadhramaut believe that the protests and escalation were fabricated by a member of the presidency, and Hadramout Governor Faraj Al-Bahsani, with the aim of obtaining a larger share of the proceeds of the shipment expected to be exported, estimated at two and a half million barrels of crude oil.

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