Massive Mass Rally in Sana’a to Commemorate Anniversary of Al-Sarkha

The capital, Sana’a, witnessed on Friday afternoon a mass rally to commemorate the anniversary of “Al-Sarkha” in the face of the arrogance forces, under the slogan is “a weapon and a position”.

The participants in the rally chanted the slogan “Al-Sarkha” (Slogan of Anssarallah) to repudiate the ‘enemies of the nation’.

They also repeated chants of freedom and innocence from the forces of hegemony and global arrogance, expressing the absolute rejection of the policy of America and Israel and its crimes against the peoples of the Arab and Islamic world.

A statement issued by the mass rally, read by Salah Hataba, affirmed that the slogan is the title of a practical, integrated and comprehensive Quranic project for all aspects of life that restores the nation’s identity and achieves its renaissance, pride, dignity and independence.

The statement stressed that the slogan is a slogan for all free Yemenis and the people of the nation and is not a slogan specific to one group or region without another.

It indicated that “America and Israel are the enemies of the nation, and the nation’s religious and national duty and its true interest require declaring a comprehensive mobilization against America and Israel.”

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