First Commercial Flight from Cairo Landed at Sana’a Airport

The first commercial flight, coming from the Arab Republic of Egypt and carrying 145 Yemeni passengers on board, arrived on Wednesday evening at Sana’a International Airport.

Director General of Sana’a Airport, Khaled Al-Shayef, said that the airport received the first flight from Cairo after being stopped for more than six years.

The airport provides services to citizens, whether arriving or departing, with high technical professionalism, guaranteeing the security and safety of passengers and civil aviation.

Al-Shayef called on the United Nations to pressure the Saudi-led coalition to open Sanaa airport and lift the ban on it completely and immediately, stressing that the airport has proven its operational, technical and professional readiness in accordance with international standards and requirements, and the International Civil Aviation Organization.

The Yemeni plane, the national carrier of Yemen Airways, Airbus A320, received all air navigation and ground services, in accordance (ICAO)’s standards.

The seventh civilian commercial flight, which arrived today, is out of 16 flights within the humanitarian truce announced by the United Nations in early April.

Deputy Foreign Minister in Sana’a government, Hussein Al-Ezzi, said on Twitter on Wednesday: “We are moving forward, with Allah’s help, ensuring the full and undiminished rights of the Yemeni people.”

“The peace first is respect for the rights of all countries and peoples,”Al-Ezzi added. “This is the essence of our theses and the starting point of our visions on the issue of peace.”

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