Aden: Demonstrators Protesting Near Al-Ma’ashiq Palace

Popular protests have returned to the palace of Al-Ma’ashiq during the past few days, amid fears of the largest protest in Yemen’s southern port city of Aden on Wednesday, YPA reported.

Dozens of people staged a vigil in front of the Palace of Al-Ma’ashiq on Tuesday, demanding compensation from the Saudi-led coalition for targeting and bombing their homes in the city.

The protesters called on the Riyadh-formed Presidential Council to repair their homes, which were destroyed by direct shelling, and compensate them for the losses they suffered

The coalition is stalling those affected in Aden and the rest of the provinces, despite spending billions of dollars on behalf of reconstruction in the southern provinces, which, according to observers, went to the pockets of the corrupt officials without benefiting the citizen.

Aden’s people are heading to hold their biggest vigil in front of the Palace of Al-Ma’ashiq on Wednesday to protest the collapse of the electricity system and other basic services, including the security chaos in the city for the seventh year in a row.

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