UAE-Backed Forces Safeguard America’s Oil Interests in Shabwa

The UAE-funded “Al-Amaliqa Brigades” forces have imposed their control over the most important oil fields in Shabwa province, eastern Yemen, YPA reported based in local sources on Saturday.

The local said that the Al-Amaliqa fighters who arrived in the city of Ataq, the capital of Shabwa, from the western coast at the end of last December, took control of the sites of the American Jannah Hunt Company fields in the valley of Usailan district, after the siege of the “107th Brigade” loyal to Islah Party during the past weeks, without any confrontations.

The sources indicated that the Al-Amaliqa recruits took over the sites of the Hunt company, and expelled the Islah militants to sites outside the Usailan area.

This comes after the UAE authorities incited Balharith tribes against the 107th Brigade militants, after which the commanders of Al-Amaliqa Brigades intervened and developed solutions to protect the company’s oil fields in the area.

The oil-rich province of Shabwa falls within the circle of American and Zionist ambitions, which the American envoy to Yemen, Landerking, and the American ambassador to the Saudi-led coalition government arrived early last March at its capital Ataq and from there to Hadramout province in order to secure their interests from the Yemeni crude oil that is being looted.

The second largest liquefied gas facility in the Arab region is located in Balhaf area on the Arabian Sea, and exports the gas brought from Marib fields, amid the suffering of millions of Yemenis from the domestic gas crisis for years.

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