UAE Forces Build Military Positions in Mocha

An organization known as the Eekad Platform has on Sunday revealed new details about military establishments on the Yemeni coast of Mocha by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) forces.

The platform released satellite images showing the UAE’s establishments of military runways in the port of Mocha, west of Taiz province.

The photographs showed the construction of a large military runway about 2.5 kilometers long, linked to two main roads, one reaching the port entrance and the other connected to the seaport, where goods and military equipment are received from and to UAE ships.

On the other hand, a shipment of weapons arrived on board an Emirati ship in the past few hours at the port of Mocha.

According to Yemen Press Agency, the shipment arrived last weekend at the port, which is under the control of the mercenary forces of Tariq Afash.

The sources explained that the military shipment is meant to reinforce the UAE’s control over Mocha, in conjunction with the deployment of joint naval forces to 32 countries led by the United States and with the participation of the Israel.

These military establishments are a flagrant violation of the UN truce in Yemen, which is nearing its end.

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