Sana’a Calls UN to Speed of Maintenance of “Safer” Floating Tank

The Minister of Transport, Abdulwahab Al-Durra, on Monday called on the United Nations to play its role in solving the problem of the Safer reservoir, according to the previously concluded agreement in this regard.

During his meeting with the United Nations Resident Representative and Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen, William David Grisley, the transport minister urged the United Nations on the speed of maintenance of the “Safer” ship as it threatens the environment in the Red Sea.

Al-Durra explained that the humanitarian truce sponsored by the United Nations was met with satisfaction of Yemeni society despite the Saudi coalition’s obstruction of it and its repudiation of the implementation of its terms, especially with regard to commercial flights, from which only two flights to Amman were implemented.

He renewed his demand for the United Nations to operate daily flights from Sana’a to Amman and Cairo and return due to the high turnout of travelers, especially patients.

In turn, the UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen pointed to the importance of working to alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni people and stop the war so that peace prevails in Yemen.

Grisley said that the donors’ conference for the Safer ship had provided $40 million to date, confirming his interest in coordinating with the UN envoy to implement the provisions of the humanitarian truce.

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