Sana’a Calls on UN to Pressure “Other Party” to Open Main Corridors, Roads

The Minister of Transport in Sana’a Government, Abdelwahab Al-Durra, on Saturday called on the United Nations to pressure the other party to abide by the truce and open corridors, crossings and main roads for citizens and travelers across the country.

During his meeting today with the leadership of the General Authority for Regulating Land Transport Affairs, the transport minister stressed the need to implement the provisions of the armistice, including operating flights from Sana’a Airport to Cairo and allowing the entry of the held fuel ships to the port of Hodeida.

 Al-Durra pointed out that the National Salvation Government was committed to opening the land crossings in accordance with the terms of the armistice, and the other party should do so.

He called on the private sector to invest in the land transport sector, as it is one of the promising sectors.

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