Al-Qaeda Sends 50 Fighters to Shabwah

Military sources revealed on Wednesday that dozens of al-Qaeda members have arrived on the outskirts of Shabwah province, southern Yemen, Yemen News Portal reported, citing sources.

This coincided with the escalation of the terrorist organization’s public movements in the rich-oil province.

The sources confirmed that more than 50 al-Qaeda members arrived in the past hours at the outskirts of the Usiylan District, near the eastern border of Marib province.

 It is not yet known whether al-Qaeda’s deployment near the oil area of Shabwah is part of a plan to attack oil fields, or a new scenario for an attack on Sana’a forces stationed south of Marib, as the group intensifies its presence in Marib, along with coalition factions.

Al-Qaeda elements have recently been heavily deployed in areas which are under control of   Saudi-led coalition’s factions in the southern provinces, like Shabwah, Hadhramaut and Abyan.

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