Al-Alimi Threatens to Move “Temporary Capital” from Aden

Rashad Al-Alimi, head of the Presidential Council, threatened on Saturday, to move the temporary capital from Aden, coinciding with the failure of Hadi’s alternative authority to hold its meetings due to the escalation of the transitional.
Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:
Al-Alimi’s office leaked news of his intention to move to Hadhramaut.
According to the content of the news, Al-Alimi, who is still alone, remains in Aden, he will move with the members of the government and the rest of deputies there.
Although the leak tried to give the visit to Al-Alimi’s transfer, however, government sources confirmed Al-Alimi’s efforts to transfer all the institutions and work of the new authority to Hadhramaut.
The sources cited Al-Alimi instructing Faraj Al-Bahsani, a member of the presidency and governor of Hadhramaut, to start tightening security measures in Mukalla and coastal districts in preparation for his relocation.
During the past two days, Al-Bahsani issued a series of decisions to appoint those close to him as directors of security in the coast and the valley, in addition to the patrols and traffic police. During a meeting of Hadhramaut Executive Office, he also hinted at the possibility of moving the temporary capital from Aden.
Al-Alimi’s threat to move the government to Hadhramaut comes at a time when the council failed to reconvene in Aden, after the disagreements that took place in the last meeting,
It reached the point that the head of the transitional council, Aidarous Al-Zubaidi, threatening to expel members of the council, this prompted most of them to return to their areas of control in Hadhramaut, Marib, Lahj and the western coast, while others left to Saudi Arabia.
Disagreements intensified with the proposal to merge the transitional factions into the Defense and Interior Ministry, in addition to the shares of each member of the prospective government formation, amidst the attempt by the Transitional Council, which is protecting the Presidential, to pass its agenda.

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