Al-Mahra Tribes Warn Against Building New Base by Coalition

Prominent social leaders in Al-Mahra province, eastern Yemen, warned on Thursday of the repercussions of the coalition’s start to establish a new military base in the province, which Saudi Arabia aspires to be a gateway to export oil.

The head of the sit-in committee in Al-Mahra, Ali Al-Huraizi, said during an urgent meeting that the tribes of the province bordering the Sultanate of Oman will not allow the coalition to pass its agenda in violating the country’s sovereignty and robbing its wealth, indicating the tribes’ readiness to confront any new schemes.

Al-Huraizi’s statement came with his disclosure that Saudi Arabia had started bringing dozens of locomotives loaded with building materials to Al-Ghaydah Airport, which is being used as a base by foreign forces.

Al-Huraizi said that the plan calls for the establishment of a military base inside the airport.

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