Fierce Confrontations Continued in Marib

Coalition’s troops continued on Wednesday to violate the UN-declared truce in Marib province, military source in Sana’a government.

The sources said that coalition’s forces launched three infiltrations toward Sanaa forces sites in mountains of Al-Balq Al-Sharqi, while nine of their recruits were killed and 13 others injured.

The sources affirmed that coalition’s mercenaries bombarded citizens’ homes by artillery in Rawdhat Serwah areas and they also shelled sites of the Yemeni army in mountains of Al-Balq Al-Sharqi.

According to the sources, coalition’ troops also carried out other infiltrations in Al-Naqaa Al-Sufla and Al-Akd areas, while Sanaa forces repelled all their infiltrations and forced them to withdraw, inflicting them heavy losses in lives and equipment.

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