New French Blackmail against Saudi Authority in Yemen

France began new moves in an attempt to pressure on pro-Saudi authority in southern Yemen to allow it to resume its acquisition of LNG, as the European Union continues negotiations among its members to ban Russian oil and gas.
Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:
France Press agency reported that the French judiciary reopened the file of the Yemeni stricken plane, more than a decade after it crashed and France aborted the investigations into the circumstances of its fall.
The French news agency indicated that the French judiciary will begin on Monday the trial of the Yemeni airline in the case of one of its planes crashes in 2009, what caused the deaths of 142 passengers, including 66 Africans of French nationality.
Yemeni plane No. 626 crashed in the Comoros, while the plane was on its way from Sanaa Airport to Saeed Ibrahim Airport, the final report of the incident was not revealed by the French authority whose covered the crash dimensions, despite reports spoke at that time that the plane was targeted by a French submarine, which was conducting exercises during the flight of the plane, the report merely indicated that the accident was a result of a human error that it did not explain.
Moving the file of the crashed plane by France in this time, refers to Paris’s attempt to blackmail Yemen in light of its faltering efforts to resume the operation of Balhaf liquefied gas facility on the eastern coast of Yemen, which is acquired by the French company Total with a stake of up to 39% of the company’s shares especially with the continuing disagreements between Paris and the pro-Saudi government over the amount of production, whose daily capacity is not yet known.
Paris is actively seeking to operate the facility, which has been suspended for years due to UAE’s control over it, in order to compensate for its gas needs, in light of the European Union move chaired by France, to ban Russia’s exports of gas and oil to Western countries, which are its largest importers.

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