Abdulsalam Criticizes ‘Gray Attitudes’ of UN Envoy to Yemen

The head of Sana’a negotiating delegation, Mohammed Abdulsalam launched a verbal attack on the UN envoy to Yemen Hans Grundberg, calling on him to carry out his duty responsibly and impartially without biasing Saudi Arabia, which is leading the coalition against Yemen.

“The United Nations and its envoy should not go after black Saudi propaganda, whitewash it, and beautify it, especially on issues that have become clear and cause for ridicule,” Mohammed Abdulsalam said in a tweet, in reference to Saudi Arabia’s announcement of the release of detained workers and their submission as prisoners of war.

He called to the envoy to play his role responsibly and impartially, stressing that the gray attitudes and keeping pace with the aggressor will only lead him to what led his predecessors.

Abdulsalam’s statement came after Saudi Arabia replaced the prisoners it announced that it would release them with detainees who were not on the front lines, including those of foreign nationalities.

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