Environmental Disaster Targets Citizens in Shabwa

Radhum district in Shabwa province, east of Yemen, has been subjected to an environmental disaster during the past two days due to the explosion of a gas pipeline, YPA reported on Sunday.

Local residents affirmed that the atmosphere of the coastal district of Radhum was affected by widespread air pollution, which would lead to the spread of the various diseases as a result of the spread of gas in the district.

They confirmed the power outage and water in the district doubled the suffering of the residents.

Some sources indicated that the governor of Shabwa, Awad Al-Awlaki, loyal to the UAE, accused the Saudi-backed Islah party and the leader, Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar, of being behind the explosion of the gas pipelines to confuse the political scene in Aden city, south of Yemen.

On the other hand, Al-Qaeda militants spread in the Markha district of Shabwa, after they imposed their control over Wadi Madrak camp affiliated with the so-called “Shabwa Defense funded by the UAE” in Khura district at the end of last March.

Continuously, the coalition countries plunder the natural resources of Yemeni oil and gas and transfer their revenues to the National Bank in Riyadh, at the same time depriving the Yemeni people of its oil and gas wealth and doubling daily suffering.

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