Three Categories Included in Regular Salaries in Government Budget

The official agency of Mueen government revealed that most state employees excluded from the urgent payment of salaries in the budget submitted by Mueen’s government, and it is expected that al-Barakani parliament will ratify it before leaving Aden.

Saba news agency quoted Mueen as saying that the brigades are now limited to paying the salaries of military and security units and retirees. Noting that this proposal was based on the recommendations of the finance minister, noting that the budget did not include the salaries of the rest sectors.

The government of Mueen announced earlier on Monday its approval on the budget, which processed within 24 hours to the arrival of Aden government.

The government has not released details of the budget, nor the amount of operating income and expenses, sources in Finance ministry described the budget as similar to an exchange bill for the Saudi-Emirati deposit declared at three billion dollars. It indicated that Mueen government did not address the salaries of the civil sector, and that the ministers were satisfied with discussing the salaries disbursement of senior officials, with the possibility of paying salaries every few months to the rest of the employees.

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