Military Battalions of STC Siege Aden

Factions loyal to the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) have surrounded on Monday the city of Aden ahead of a planned return of officials of the Saudi-formed presidential council.

According to security sources, various formations of the STC have increased their deployment at the level of the province’s directorates, set up checkpoints and deployed anti-aircraft missiles and snipers on rooftops and mountain heights.

The deployment came amid reports of a Saudi decision to return officials from a Moeen government and parliament in the coming hours.

According to the sources, the factions refuse to hand over Aden, and their movements are a blow to the security efforts concluded in the Saudi capital, which included handing over the city’s security file to Tariq Saleh’s faction and the security belt forces, which is an indication that the city is preparing for chaos in the coming days.

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