Emirati Funding to Recruit Organizations for Girls in Yemen

Senior sources in Maeen government revealed on Monday an Emirati role in intensifying the process of attracting and recruiting girls through international organizations, and send them in “immoral” courses abroad.
Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:
The sources reported that Emirati intelligence had instructed southern women leaders affiliated with the pro-Abu Dhabi Transitional Council, and work in leading branches of international organizations in Aden, to attract dozens of girls under the pretext of hiring them with attractive salaries, it pointed out that the girls were summoned from various provinces of Yemen and dropped them off in hotels in Aden before being granted travel visas to Western countries at the expense of the Emirati intelligence, in addition to a luxury hotel stay abroad and financing for several days.
During this period, the girls’ culture is completely changed before they are returned to work within a large intelligence system in Yemen.
During the past two days, human rights activists raised the issue of widespread recruitment of Yemeni girls by foreign organizations led by Yemeni women in Aden.
The case raised divisions between impressed and unbelievable, but the truth, according to the sources, is much greater. Noting that the aim of this step is to subjugate all officials, activists and journalists, and keep them at the mercy of the Emirati intelligence.
The recruitment came just before Saudi Arabia and UAE returned all officials of the Yemeni forces loyal to them in Aden.
Emirati intelligence is well known of the sexual recruitment files for girls in order to inflict their victims.

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