Saudi Arabia Sets Date for Final Deportation to Yemeni Officials

A Saudi journalist revealed, on Sunday, that his country had set a deadline for the deportation of all Yemeni officials loyal to his country from Riyadh, this coincides with the continuation of the campaign to return them voluntarily, amid expectations that they will begin to flow into the provinces of southern and eastern Yemen in the coming hours.

Journalist Bassam Al-Qahtani said in a post on his social media page that Saudi Arabia had set 45 days as an end to the residency expiry of Yemeni officials, indicating that it had decided to return them to the south.

He made it clear that his country is currently counting on Aidarous Al-Zubaidi, head of the Transitional Council, and that if the new authority fails, it will give the south the right to self-determination, in confirmation to re-submission of the Unity Agreement with a new amendment.

Saudi Arabia had begun a few days ago to deport the participants in Riyadh consultations from its lands. Where dozens of them went to Arab and Western capitals, while it pressing to transfer the rest of Mueen government official, Al-Barakani Parliament and members of the Presidential Council to the Yemeni lands, distribute them to the provinces of Aden, the western coast, Marib and Hadhramaut.

Sources in Hadi government expected that Saudi Arabia would start flights to these people to Aden during the next two days.

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