Al-Qaeda Confirms Spreading in Abyan with Lightning Operations

Al-Qaeda launched on Sunday, new operations in Abyan province, south of Yemen, in an attempt to confirm its spread in the eastern gate of Aden.

Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:

Local sources reported that the organization’s members deployed in Al-Majalah and Al-Mahfad districts stopped two ambulances belonging to the Salafi giants’ factions while they were on their way from Aden to Shabwah, and the fate of those on board the vehicles was not known.

This is the second operation in less than a week, its implementation also comes at a time when factions loyal to the coalition are trying to deny the existence of the organization, which may carry indications on the   organization existence.

The organization had re-established itself in districts considered as its former strongholds, as part of the expansion map; it included the provinces of Lahij, north of Aden, all the way to Aden, where prominent leaders of the organization arrived.

The parties of the conflict within the “legitimacy” exchange accusations about who is behind moving the organization. While the transitional Ahmed Al-Maysari, whose hometown was hosted in Mudiyah, meetings of the organization’s leaders, accusing in attempting to shuffle the cards, Likewise, Ali Mohsen, in response to his removal from the scene, accusing Islah a faction in the Transitional Council of moving the organization to abort efforts to return the Presidential Council to Aden.

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