Greek Mediation Succeeds in Defusing Tension between Saudi Arabia and European Union over Yemen

The ambassadors of the European Union to Yemen announced, their support for Saudi measures against “legitimacy” authority for the first time since the announcement of transferring power to a presidential council at the end of last week.

This came after a meeting sponsored by Greek ambassador to the Kingdom, during which he gathered with the Saudi ambassador to Yemen, Muhammad Al Jaber, and the ambassadors of the European Union. The European Union ambassador to Yemen, Patrick Symont, published a group photo after the meeting. Noting that the European ambassadors confirmed their support for the Saudi move.

The meeting refers to Saudi Arabia’s attempt, which is facing international isolation and neutrality, with its unilateral measures towards Hadi to provide an international cover for what has become described as its “coup against legitimacy.”

The ambassador did not reveal the price of the European position, but its coincidence with the meeting of the international envoy to Yemen Hans Grodenberg and Sana’a delegation may indicate that it is in return for promises of supporting the former head of the European mission in Yemen to achieve an achievement in his career as an envoy.

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