Anssarallah: Present and Future of Yemen will be Decided Inside Yemen

Mohammed Abdulsalam, Spokesman of Yemen’s Anssarallah Movement and senior negotiator of the Sana’a Salvation Government, affirmed that the present and future of Yemen are decided within Yemen.

Abdulsalam explained in a post on the social networking site Telegram” any activity outside the borders of Yemen is farcical and recreational games played by the “aggression” countries.

This came in response to the announcement of the Saudi-Emirati coalition today, forming a so-called (Presidential Council) that included a mixture of traitorous agents.

Saudi Coalition Cannot Grant Legitimacy to any Party

The Supreme Political Council (SPC), the highest ruling authority in Sana’a, affirmed that the Yemeni people are not concerned with illegal measures issued by an illegal party outside the country, noting that what happened in replacing the roles of mercenaries should serve as a lesson to the rest of the “mercenaries”, as there is no legitimacy granted by the countries of the Saudi-led coalition.

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