Two Million Cluster Munitions Spread in Yemen

The Executive Director of Sana’a-based National Center for Mine Action, Ali Sofra, on Thursday revealed that the total number of cluster munitions scattered in the contaminated provinces in Yemen over seven years of Saudi-led coalition war amounted to 2,827,301.

Sofra confirmed, in a press statement, that the Mine Center, with its simple and limited capabilities, has lifted and removed about 60,656 small sub-munitions.

He announced that the Center had monitored and recorded approximately 3,921 victims of cluster bombs until March 2022, including 1,037 dead and nearly 2,884 wounded.

“The cluster bombs pose a threat to the lives of civilians and represent a major humanitarian problem, and Yemenis are subjected to daily killing and maiming as a result of these bombs,” Sofra said.

He pointed out that the coalition has used the most horrific internationally prohibited weapons, including cluster bombs and missiles with a wide-ranging impact and negative effects on health and the environment.

The humanitarian organizations did not move a finger about what is happening in Yemen of crimes and violations, and remained idly by, and this is what encouraged the coalition countries to continue to use internationally prohibited weapons, he added.

He confirmed that the coalition countries had prevented the entry of detection devices and personal protective equipment for the center’s field teams.

“The center, despite the difficulties and obstacles, has achieved humanitarian gains and successes at various humanitarian and development levels,” Sofra said, noting the center had a pivotal and essential role in clearing many contaminated lands, securing the lives of civilians and reducing the incidence of victims.

Sofra called on the international community to support the victims of mines and cluster bombs and to hold the war criminals accountable.

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