Losses of Electricity Sector in Yemen Exceed $23 billion during Seven Years of War

The Minister of Electricity and Energy in Sana’a government Ahmed Al-Ali said on Tuesday that “the losses of the Ministry of Electricity and its affiliates as a result of the targeting of the sector by the Saudi-led coalition amounted to 23 billion and 948 thousand dollars.”

During the press conference held by the ministry, Al-Ali reviewed the nature of the damages caused to the facilities and power stations in the provinces and districts as a result of the raids of “the aggression coalition”, which included the transportation, distribution and control units, stores and warehouses of the Electricity Corporation.

He explained that the ministry was unable to repair many of the damages and destroyed facilities as a result of the Saudi-Emirati coalition’s continued systematic targeting of the sector.

“The coalition airstrikes led to the death of 80 employees of the Ministry of Electricity,” Al-Ali said, confirming the ministry’s keenness to provide care for their families and loved ones.

The Minister of Electricity denounced the continued persistence of the coalition countries in preventing the entry of spare parts for power stations and other necessarily needs to repair what was destroyed.

He reviewed the difficulties and damage caused to the sector as a result of the blockade imposed by the coalition countries, which hold oil derivatives ships and prevent their entry to the port of Hodeida, in an effort to double the suffering of the Yemeni people.

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