Telecommunications Sector Lost $ 5.4 billion during Seven Years of War

The Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology in Sana’a said on Tuesday that the losses of the communications sector during the seven years of Saudi-UAE war against Yemen amounted to more than five billion and 400 million dollars.

In a statement, the Minister, Engineer Misfer Al-Numeir, revealed that the Saudi coalition targeted communications facilities with more than 2,760 raids, destroying 793 facilities and networks during the past seven years.

The Minister held the coalition countries “led by USA” responsible for all the crimes, bombing and destruction that the communications sector has been subjected to.

He explained that telecommunications companies continued to provide services to citizens despite the difficulties imposed by the coalition through destroying the infrastructure of towers, stations, and the killing of a number of the staff while performing their work.

Meanwhile, a report issued by Sana’a-based Ministry of Communications stated that the communications sector worked to rehabilitate 211 sites and stations, after they were destroyed by the coalition, and repaired and maintained 403 sabotage operations that led to cables being cut off as a result of bombing and acts of sabotage.

The report indicated that the catastrophic effects on civil society as a result of targeting the telecommunications and postal sector led to cut off 95 regions from the world, 64 establishments that lost financial and postal services, and 1,642 establishments unable to benefit from communications and internet services, and depriving 6,812,542 citizens of postal services.

The report indicated that 1,271,900 citizens were deprived of telecommunications and internet services, while 14 million citizens suffer from the deterioration and weakness of telecommunications and internet services.

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