The 8th Year of Steadfastness will be the Year of Yemen’s Hurricanes: Sana’a DM

The Minister of Defense in Sana’a government, Major General Mohammed Nasser Al-Atifi, on Tuesday confirmed that the eighth year of steadfastness would be the year of Yemen’s hurricanes and the most advanced and strongest strategic armament achievements in deterring the Saudi-led coalition and its cohorts.

“The armed forces, with confident steps and new strategic military data, will achieve unprecedented surprises and turn the balance of power upside down,” Major General Al-Afifi said in a statement on the occasion of the national day of steadfastness.

Major General Al-Atifi noted that the coalition forces should understand well that they would only reap woe if they continue their war and criminality.

He stressed that “the future will be different in form and content, and will be terrifying for the coalition countries by all military standards.”

The Minister of Defense pointed out that the Yemeni missile force today occupies an advanced rank of development and modernization and is moving towards more advanced ranks in terms of range, accuracy, and more effective.

He added that the drone field is witnessing modernization with Yemeni expertise and competencies, and it will be at the level of the “geo-strategic” tasks assigned to it.

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