Islah Republishes WikiLeaks Documents of Saudi-US Agreement to Prevent Yemeni Oil

Islah Party, the Muslim Brotherhood’s wing in Yemen, escalated on Monday, its attack on Saudi Arabia in conjunction with news that a prominent leader in the party had been excluded from participating in Riyadh meeting.

Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:

In a move, it was not clear whether it was an attempt to blackmail or a reaction. media funded by Islah party and its activists’ republished documents issued by WikiLeaks leaks regarding the Saudi war on Yemen and its goals. The documents include confirmations on a Saudi-American agreement to prevent Yemenis from producing and exporting oil and gas for thirty years, the closure of wells in Yemeni province of Al-Jawf, the documents also reveal that Yemen owns about 100 oil sectors, in addition to dozens of promising sectors in the field of gold and silver, and UAE owns a large part of it.

The documents indicated that the Saudi-led war since 2015, with the participation of the Emirates, it was not of a sectarian nature rather, it is motivated by the appropriation of the country’s resources and impoverishment. It also confirmed Saudi Arabia’s acquisition of 63 percent of Yemen’s extracted oil, which it described as “small.”

Although the documents are old in terms of their publication, their invocation by Islah carries a dimension related to Riyadh meeting, which Saudi Arabia arranged with Gulf participation and aims to remove the party’s hegemony over the so-called “legitimacy.”

The prominent leader of the party and Member of Parliament, Shawq Al-Qadi, did not hide his fears of its repercussions in targeting the party.

It is not yet clear whether Islah is seeking through the campaign to expand the list of its participants, in light of the talk about Saudi Arabia excluding the leader of the party, Hamid Al-Ahmar, or to achieve other gains, but it’s timing also indicates that the party whose senior leaders are expected to participate in the meeting is experiencing a new split.

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