Yemen, the Most Prominent File of Russian-Western Conflict in Gulf

Yemen caught the eyes as it topped the agenda of senior Russian and Western officials who are currently engaged in a race in the Gulf, as part of the bone-breaking battle that began in Ukraine and threatens to expand its territory in the Middle East.

Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:

The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, and the Emirati Abdullah bin Zayed, devoted a large part of their press conference to talking about the situation in Yemen.

The Russian minister sent messages to Saudi Arabia and UAE by invoking the air attacks on oil installations and infrastructure, in the context of his talk about the necessity of not politicizing the energy market in an indirect warning to the two countries against any step they might take to support the West and the United States.

The Russian minister offered a role to achieve rapprochement for the sake of stability in the region, and the Russian movement in the Gulf comes at the rhythm of Western moves in the region, it started with the visit of British Prime Minister Johnson. It included both Saudi Arabia and UAE, amid reports of attempts to push the two countries to increase oil production to face the repercussions of banning the Russian energy sector.

It is expected that the Chinese president will join to this race track what puts Gulf state in a dilemma in light of US-Western pressures to determine a position on the war in Ukraine, and the attempt of these countries to avoid a Russian reaction, which puts them between pliers despite giving Yemen a maneuvering ground for the United States and the West, already started resuming oil and gas exports to Europe.

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