Gulf Cooperation Offers Unprecedented Privileges to “Houthis”

Saudi Arabia has reactivated the Gulf Cooperation Council in Yemen after years of neglect and disregard and trying to break up the country, in a move that indicates Riyadh has high hopes that the council, which some of its countries have a good relationship with Sana’a, can play a role in saving its face, and getting it out from the quagmire of the war that has been going on in Yemen since 2015.

International media revealed more details on the new movement that Saudi Arabia is pushing, through it, to seek to launch Yemeni consultations in Riyadh.

Reuters reported that Sana’a delegation will be a guest of the Secretary-General of Gulf Cooperation Council, Naif Al-Hajraf, in reference to privileges existence for Anssarallah movement other than the rest of the Yemeni forces loyal to the coalition, it also revealed security guarantees.

Saudi Arabia has set the headquarters of Gulf Cooperation Council in Riyadh headquarters for any Yemeni meetings in which Houthis participate.

In the context, diplomatic sources reported that Gulf cooperation was trying to lure Anssarallah movement to accept a political settlement in Yemen, it referred to the assignment of the Secretary-General of Cooperation Council to Kuwait and the Sultanate of Oman to offer the future inclusion of Yemen in Gulf Cooperation Council and to support it at all levels.

The Gulf movement comes at a time when Saudi Arabia is facing international pressures to determine its position on the Russian-Western conflict. Amid Riyadh’s fears of the internationalization to the Yemeni file, but although Saudi Arabia is trying to save face by specifying Riyadh as the seat of the consultations, however, the designation of the Gulf Cooperation Council headquarters indicates Saudi Arabia’s fears of Sana’a rejecting the move from its foundations due to its political connotations. This reflects Saudi desire for the success of the Gulf efforts to push Sana’a to its rescue.

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