Thousands Chant the “Houthis’ Slogan” Eastern of Saudi Arabia

The slogan of Anssarallah,”Houthis”, known as the “cry”, resounded on Tuesday in the eastern regions of Saudi Arabia, in a move that predicted the outbreak of a revolution there.

This came during popular ceremonies on the funeral of about 81 people, including Yemenis, who executed by the Saudi regime for sectarian motives.

Saudi activists shared videos for thousands of people in the streets of Al-Qatif city; they chant the slogan “The Cry” and chant “Death to Al-Saud.”

During the past two days, Al-Qatif witnessed clashes and incursions by regime military armored vehicles.

The city which Shiite constituting the majority of its population, experiencing an unprecedented state of congestion, since bin Salman’s decision to execute 81 people, most of them are from the area and the execution was due to their participation in the protests against bin Salman, amid expectations on the explosion of situation there.

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