MSF Suspends Support for Marib General Hospital

The international medical humanitarian organization Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors with Borders (MSF) has on Sunday announced the closure of some of its humanitarian activities in Marib project, following the disappearance of two colleagues as they were on their way to Marib.

In a statement, the MSF said, it considered (the disappearance of the two colleagues) as an unacceptable act of violence, and we are concerned about the current exposure   of the MSF teams in the areas.

” MSF will stop activity in five mobiles clinics out of eight, and withdraw fully its support from Marib General Hospital. We are aware that such a decision will have a direct impact on MSF team in Yemen and patients,” the statement read.

The origination stressed that safety is its top priority, stating “MSF is aware of the major medical and humanitarian needs of the people in Marib. However, at this point of time, MSF priority is the safe and the fast return of our colleagues.”

Two foreign medical personnel were kidnapped by militants believed to be from al-Qaeda on the Hadramaut- Maribroad and taken to an unknown location.

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