Hundreds of Coalition Troops Killed, Wounded in Haradh Military Operation

About 500 members of the Saudi-led coalition forces have been killed and wounded including Sudanese 80 soldiers and 15 Saudi others in a military operation carried out in west of Haradh district, on the border with Saudi_Arabia.

According to a military source in Sana’a forces, dozens of coalition militants were also captured and scores military vehicles and several tankers were seized during the military operation waged by the Sana’a forces targeting tens of sites of the coalition.

The source revealed that the operation lasted for two full days and ended with the control of Sanaa forces over an area estimated at 54 square kilometers within dozens of military sites and villages west of Haradh city.

on Monday, the scenes released by military media of the Sana’a army showing to purge dozens of sites of the coalition forces and Sudanese mercenaries in the district.

A military official explained that the two-day offensive operation had resulted in the clearing of dozens of sites and villages from Saudi and Sudanese mercenaries and the control of 54 square kilometers by Sana’a forces.

The scenes distributed by the military media showed the military and people’s committees seizing large military assets from armor, tanks, military crews, and heavy and medium weapons during the operation west of Harradh.

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