Expectations of Chaos in the Areas of “Legitimacy

As Hadi and the coalition parties intensified, a military expert loyal to Hadi revealed on Sunday that the areas under the authority of “legitimacy” in Yemen are heading towards chaos; this coincides with the disclosure of differences between Hadi and the political parties that make up “legitimacy” regarding their restructuring, amid Hadi’s refusal to reduce his powers.

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

Ali al-Dhahab, a leader in Islah party, expected the explosion of the situation in the areas of Hadi government. He pointed out that the differences, or what he described as the political storm within “legitimacy”, portend chaos.

The areas of “legitimacy” are witnessing unprecedented economic and living crises due to the conflict of revenues and influence, amid growing public anger across cities that experiencing severe fuel shortages the rise in food prices and the collapse of basic services.

In the context, diplomatic sources revealed differences that ravaged the last meeting, which brought Hadi together with the leaders of the political parties loyal to the coalition a week ago, and it was a reason to transfer the meetings with UN envoy to Jordan.

The sources indicated that these forces presented a vision for reforming the so-called “legitimacy.” Includes the supply of oil and gas revenues acquired by Hadi and delivers it to accounts in the National Bank of Saudi Arabia to the Central Bank in Aden, as well as disbursing the salaries of Islah factions, and cooperation with the coalition’s vision to evaluate “legitimacy”, in reference to the demands to transfer Hadi’s powers however, Hadi ignored the vision and he warned those parties from the consequences of overthrowing him, as they are partners in power.

The sources suggested that some parties had already proposed the dismissal of Hadi as part of the demands of arranging the transitional phase.

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