Sana’a Launched the Battle of Breaking Siege

The spokesperson of Sana’a forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, announced the implementation of the first operation to break the siege. He explained that the operation targeted Aramco refinery in Riyadh, Aramco’s facilities in Jizan and Abha.

The first operation, breaking the siege, indicates that this operation is the beginning of large-scale operations that will affect Saudi oil facilities. Brigadier Saree announced his forces’ pledge to respond to the blockade, stressing that they are on high alert and are able to assume their responsibility in the legitimate response to the coalition’s continued siege of Yemen and its detention to oil derivatives ships.

The first operation to break the siege is a message that goes beyond Riyadh to Washington and the countries supporting the coalition, in light of the global energy crisis resulting from the war in Ukraine, while the United States is pressuring Saudi Arabia to raise oil production to compensate for Russian oil and achieve global stability, Sana’a confirms that Yemenis are no exception to this world, and the Saudis will not enjoy with additional oil sales, while the siege continues on their country, their children are dying in the nurseries of hospitals that have run out of fuel.

Unless there is an immediate lifting of the blockade, it is expected that the pace of Sana’a operations will increase and expand, which will double the turmoil of the global market, which is in dire need of Saudi oil, it should be noted here that Abqaiq and Khurais operation carried out by Sana’a in September 2019 CE, with Saudi Arabia losing five million barrels of its daily production, which is equal to half of the production, will the world that urges Riyadh to raise its current production by two million barrels be able to bear the consequences of losing five million barrels?

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