Electricity, Gas Crisis Driving Residents of Aden to Decamp

Many residents of Aden province, southern Yemen, have left the city for neighboring cities due to the multiple crises that the city has been witnessing for months, especially the crises of electricity, water, and oil derivatives.

The residents confirmed that many of them go to Lahj province to search for a gas cylinder.

According to gas sales agents in the city, the admin of the Yemeni Gas Company in Aden stopped two of the company’s stations on August 9, despite the fact that gas is available in these stations at a rate of 9 trailers for each station.

The gas agents wondered why the company did not stop the stations outside of Aden, which are under their supervision in Abyan, Lahj and Dhalea.

They demanded the Company admin in Aden province to explain the reason for closing the aforementioned stations.

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