Al-Qaeda “Jihadist” Booklets in Mosques of Mocha

The Salafi giants affiliated with leaders in al-Qaeda imposed on Wednesday new booklets on all mosques in Mocha city, the stronghold of the pro-UAE factions led by the nephew of former President Tariq Saleh, as part of the recruitment process in its ranks.

Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:

Local sources revealed that the pro-Emirati giants assigned the commander of the Seventh Brigade, affiliated with the organization, called Ali Al-Kenini, to supervise extremist educational activities aimed at attracting young people and children by spreading them in all mosques in the city of Mocha, confirming the recruitment of extremist preachers by of Al-Kenini from outside the West Coast, in addition to the intensification of Recruiting children and taking them to unknown destinations.

The deployment of al-Qaeda booklets is part of steps that Salafist groups have begun to implement in Mocha, the historic city, most notably the destruction and demolition of historical shrines, the last of which is the tomb of al-Rifai.

The move is also part of broad plans that the coalition seemed to support in the areas separating the areas controlled by “Houthis” north and west of Yemen and under “legitimacy” in the south and east of the country a prelude, it seems, to impose a new division to the country, which has been under war and siege for seven years.

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