Yemeni Activists Demand Naturalization of “Foreigners

Human rights activists in Yemen expanded their demands on Tuesday to naturalize “children of foreigners” just hours after Hadi’s government passed a legal violation by lifting the controversial travel restrictions on women.

Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:

Activists called on Maeen government to activate the law granting a Yemeni mother her nationality to her children from her foreign husband. Activist Maha Awad, head of Wajd Foundation for Human Security, said in a letter sent to the head of Hadi government and his Minister of Interior, it is time to activate the amendment of the Nationality Law of 1990, which stipulates that the father and mother grant citizenship to their children from foreigners.

The message comes hours after Hadi’s Ministry of Interior announced a directive to the Immigration and Passports Authority to lift restrictions on women’s travel and grant them a passport without guardian conditions.

Calls for this step were met with wide criticism, especially from within Yemeni activists who had bad experiences after being lured by human rights organizations to work before pushing them to break conservative societal traditions by calling them abroad and pushing them to engage in immoral cultures.

International organizations are accused of trying to enact laws in favor of women in Yemen, which is known for its conservative society before reaching a comprehensive peace agreement in this country that is exposed to war and siege.

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