Saudi Warplanes Target Yemen with 25 Airstrikes

Fighter jets of the Saudi-led coalition hit on Wednesday various areas of the provinces of Hajjah, Marib and Jawf with 25 airstrikes, an official source in Sana’a government said.

The sources said that the warplanes targeted Hajjah with 15 strikes, including 13 raids on Haradh district and two others on Bani Hassan area in Abs district.

The sources confirmed that the coalition bombed Marib with six strikes, hitting Serwah district with four strikes, and Al-Jouba and Madghel districts with two others.

Meantime, the fighter jets launched two raids on Al-Labanat area of Al-Hazz district and Al-Zuhr area of Khab Washa’af district of Jawf province, in addition to other two on Al-Ajasher and Al-Buqa off Najran.

On Tuesday, the coalition warplanes bombed Yemen with 26 raids, 21 of them on Hajjah, three on Marib and one raid on Bayda, in addition to a strike on Amran province.

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