Military Confrontations Looming in Hadramout

Sayoun district of Hadramout province, eastern Yemen, on Wednesday witnessed great tension between the UAE-funded Salafist groups and the Islah Party militia loyal to the “Hadi government”.

Informed sources told Yemen Press Agency that political and military leaders affiliated with Islah and loyal to the military commander Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar are apprehensive about the presence of Al-Hajouri Salafist group militants in the district, accusing the group of working for the UAE in Sayoun.

The sources pointed out that the situation is very tense in the district, where a large number of Salafi militants, armed with various weapons, have deployed to guard the sites to which they fled in the city of Sayoun as a result of their military defeat at the hands of Sanaa forces in Al-Jouba district of Marib province.

This came after news about the intention of the Islah militia to attack Salafi militants in the coming hours and days.

The armed Salafist groups affiliated with the Salafi leader “Yahya al-Hajouri” had left the al-Jouba district, south of Marib, towards Sayoun, after the Sanaa forces took control of the district on October 12, 2021.

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