The Third Kidnapping of Foreigners in Yemen in Less than a Month

The scope of targeting foreign workers in international organizations in Yemen has expanded, specifically in the “legitimacy” areas, with the registration of a new case in Hadhramaut, the third in less than a month.

Exclusive-Alkhabhar alyemeni:

Doctors Without Borders revealed on Sunday that two foreign doctors in their branch of the organization in Hadhramaut were kidnapped during the past hours, noting that the kidnapped were a German doctor named Christian Gustloff and the other, a Mexican, named Leandar Fernandez.

The two doctors were taken from Al-Khashm Al-Ain area in Hadhramaut desert to an unknown destination.

The operation is the third since armed men kidnapped a UN team working in the Security and Safety Office in Abyan province, as well as another British in Lahj.

The identity of the kidnappers is not yet clear, although the United States, in a statement, accused al-Qaeda leader Ibrahim al-Binaa, which allocated five million dollars as a reward for anyone who gives information on him, and on United Nations kidnapped employees in Abyan province.

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