Saudi Tendency to Impose Maeen Alternative to Hadi

Maeen Abdul-Malik, Prime Minister of Hadi’s government, arrived on Saturday, in the Saudi capital, based on an urgent summons.
Amid regional-international arrangements to turn the page on Hadi by restructuring “legitimacy” and to end the dominance of traditional forces on power.
Exclusive-ALkhabar alyemeni:
Maeen Abdul-Malik is the most prominent candidate to succeed Hadi, as government sources talk about Saudi efforts to transfer Hadi’s powers to him, while keeping the latter as an honorary president.
Maeen summons came after a stormy meeting chaired by Hadi on Friday night with the leaders of Yemeni parties loyal to the coalition and its advisors, and in the absence of his deputy.
The sources revealed that the meeting witnessed verbal altercations and accusations of Hadi neglect to Yemen.
Hadi had presented to everyone a US-UN plan, which the envoys handed over a few days ago during a meeting with Hadi, it includes changing the deputy and transferring Hadi’s powers to Maeen, which was proposed by UAE and Saudi Arabia, as an alternative to Ali Mohsen.
The meeting came out, according to the sources, with a new vision that is expected to be presented to international and regional parties. It included the formation of three deputies instead of Mohsen, in a way that guarantees equal representation for all regions of Yemen.
Among the proposed representatives are Saghir bin Aziz from the far north, and Rashad al-Alimi from the center, in addition to Aidarous al-Zubaidi from the south.
The proposal aims, according to the sources, to remove the most fortunate one among all that is the upper hand for Saudi and UAE ambassadors in Yemen. Moreover, the sources considered Saudi Arabia’s summoning of Maeen as an indication of ignoring the presentation of the parties and Hadi, which are trying to shuffle the cards and a strict direction assigning Hadi’s powers to his prime minister

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