Sana’a Denounces UNSC ‘s Decision to Extend Arms Embargo to Yemen

A senior leader in Anssarallah’s Political Bureau, Mohammed al-Bukhiti has sent a fiery message to countries that voted on a Security Council resolution extending Yemen’s arms embargo.

“The Security Council’s decision to extend Yemen’s denial of arms purchases and the denial of the right to self-defense by agreement between America, Britain and France with Russia and China reveals that the world is till need for a new world order,” al-Bukhiti said, adding that “the new world order must be based on justice.”

“You and your decisions are under our feet,” he said, stressing that the Yemeni people trust on Allah almighty.

The Saudi-led coalition imposes an air and sea embargo on the National Salvation Government in in Sana’a, preventing ships carrying oil derivatives, food and medical supplies authorized by the UN from entering the Port of Hodeidah, causing the worst humanitarian disaster the world has ever known.

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